1of1 Custom

1of1 Custom was established in 2011, then as ACS Custom USA, as a company dedicated to providing customers with a variety of solutions to their in-ear monitoring and hearing protection needs. At 1of1 Custom, we believe each of customers to be unique and strive to inspire the creativity and deliver in-ear monitor experiences that stimulate both the audio and visual senses that make our customers 1of1. In 2011, 1of1 Custom set up operations in New York City and has developed a huge following with artists such as The Strokes, Imagine Dragons, ZEDD using its hearing protection and/or in-ear monitors. In the summer of 2016 1of1 Custom opened a new modern 3D manufacturing facility in Silicon Valley. Leading the way as a fully 3D in-ear monitor & hearing protection, 1of1 Custom products guarantee 100% consistency and fast manufacturing. Customers with 3D scanners are now able to send ear-scans electronically lab and manufacturing can begin instantly.




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