Alclair Audio Launches a thirteen driver hybrid electrostatic custom in-ear monitor

With four electrostatic drivers and 9 balanced armature drivers, the ESM offers performing musicians massive amounts of headroom along with a detail and clarity.

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February 15, 2021

Alclair Audio launches the new ESM thirteen driver custom in-ear monitor, bringing their electrostatic designs to the stage and Live Sound audiences.

With four electrostatic drivers and 9 balanced armature drivers, the ESM offers performing musicians massive amounts of headroom along with a detail and clarity that surpasses traditional in-ear monitors. It features a slight contour which presents as a fun and dynamic listening experience. It has the ability to reproduce thunderous lows when needed, without sacrificing the rich mids and clear upper end. The soundstage is incredibly wide thanks to the 4 electrostatics which also add detail so every nuance of the performers instrument or voice can be heard clearly.

“Our Electro was received so well by studio musicians, that we wanted to make something for all our live musician friends,” says Marc Musselman, founder of Alclair Audio. “We put 4 low end drivers in it so bass players and drummers will never run out of oomph. And the detail and soundstage on this is… it’s like nothing we’ve heard.”

The ESM is built with 4 low end drivers allowing it to handle even the most demanding percussion and bass instruments easily. With 4 mid-range balanced armatures, the richness of full-bodied instruments and pads blooms into buttery warmth. A single balanced armature tweeter ensures that the ESM is never harsh, and the 4 electrostatics fill in every detail, widening the sound stage beyond what is normally possible with in-ear monitors. Alclair rounds off the ESM with a Linum SuperBax cable that complements the design perfectly.

The ESM is a very fitting new flagship monitor for Alclair Audio. It elevates standard in-ear monitors and creates a new standard of sonic excellence. The ESM is now available for a street price of $2499. Please visit for more information.


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