IEMITO is an audio collaborative representing many of the largest earphone brands. We believe that in-ears are at the epicenter of the true wireless revolution — that the technological innovations pioneered onstage with custom in-ear monitors reverberate througought the rest of the headphone industry.  And so our mission is simple — we help educate and inform consumers about all the ways to use and enjoy IEMs and TWS.

We publish informative and unbiased articles.

We speak & present at industry trade shows.

We represent the industry while speaking with press.

We engage an active network of audio engineers.

We advocate for industry best-practices.

We facilitate job placements.

We host the annual In-Ear Industry Pioneer Award.

We work with all accredited in-ear manufacturers, retailers, & suppliers.

"With the growth of the IEM product category over the past 25 years, it’s important to have a trade organization dedicated to meeting the needs of both manufacturers and end users while promoting the use of in-ear monitors. Sensaphonics is proud to be a founding member of IEMITO.”

Dr. Michael Santucci, Au.D., founder and President of Sensaphonics, Inc.



Hi, I'm Mike Dias, the Executive Director for IEMITO. I've worked in this industry for nearly 20 years and I've seen it grow from the back of a tour bus to where it is today. I've seen the explosive growth in pro audio, MI, and consumer in-ear sales and I'm lucky enough to call many of the IEMITO founding partners friends.