Design Philosophy with 64 Audio

Vitaliy Belonozhko — the founder of 64 Audio — on design, inspiration, and balance.

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December 20, 2019

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What keeps you motivated? Where does that relentless drive come from?

I’m always in pursuit of better quality sound. Some of my ideas come at very random times, and once it’s in my head, I have to go and try it in the lab, to see if it will work. My drive comes from knowing that God gave me a gift of creating audio products, and for me to use that gift is an answer to my calling and a huge blessing in my life.

What are the values that you want your products to represent? 

I strive to create products that are honest in how they deliver sound. Something I value most in an audio product is whether it inspires me. I want every 64 Audio product to be a breath of fresh air and an inspiration to the user.

What artistic influences do you pull from? Is it architecture, color theory, sculpting? What speaks to your sense of style and design?

I tend to like organic shapes because they match the geometry of the human ear. I also like exotic materials that are used in jewelry and other, boutique, hand made items. I’m not afraid to pull design ideas from industries completely unrelated to audio.

How does your culture influence your world view? 

Since I was born and raised, ‘till I was 10 years old, in Ukraine, I’m very aware of how difficult life can be. I see the world as a big playground where there are bullies and nice people too. The trick is to see all this and not get cynical and jaded towards humanity. Each person is valuable and has a story, whether good or bad.

What does good design mean to you?

Good design means balance and uniqueness. 

What does bad design mean to you?

Anything that looks like no thought was put into it. Bland. No character. 

What are your thoughts on service? 

Customer service is one of the best ways to show how much you value your customers. In our business, once a person purchases a product from us, they enter into a relationship with us. This means that they can feel confident that if they need our help, we’ll be right there to take care of any issue they should face with our product.

What is your sales philosophy?

The product has to be so good that it basically sells itself. 

And finally, what do you want your products to convey? 

My hope is that out products convey our passion for music and our relentless pursuit of raising the bar on sound quality.

Vitaliy Belonozhko is the founder & Chief Sound Designer for 64 Audio. Before starting 64 Audio, Vitaliy was a sound engineer who had been working with musicians and production companies in the Northwest.


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