How Many Drivers Do You Need?

Worship Musician just recently published a wonderful article by Doug Leavy - Worship & CCM Artist Relations Manager for Jerry Harvey Audio - that focuses on THE BIG question for in-ear monitors. Just how many drivers do you really need?

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Members from the In-Ear Monitor International Trade Organization share their industry knowledge about the best ways to use in-ear monitors.


January 5, 2020

For most, and by most I’m talking to the 80% of you who just play on the weekends, don’t tour or play in Elevation Worship or Hillsong size auditoriums, a dual to quad driver will take care of you just fine. When I present at music schools, I usually ask the students who NEEDS a $5K Martin guitar, of course lots raise their hands. Then I ask, now who of you can play that guitar worthy of that price tag and how many of you are still at the $300 Yamaha from Guitar Center ability? Most hands go down. The same can be said with IEM’s.

Read the rest on page 44.

Special Thanks to Mr. Doug Leavy — an industry pioneer in the In-Ear space and an old friend and top supporter of the IEMITO mission. Couldn't have done this without you Doug. Thank you!

Doug Leavy is the Worship & CCM Artist Relations Manager for Jerry Harvey Audio, one of the pioneers of in-ear monitors. Over the past 15 years he has worked with multiple in-ear, speaker and headphone manufacturers as a marketing manager, artist relations manager and in product development. He has been involved in music or production as a musician, creative director and technical/production director for the past 20 years.


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