Market Consolidation || Westone Audio Acquired by Lucid Audio

Lucid Audio now holds both Westone & Etymotic

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July 12, 2020

Lucid Audio announced its acquisition of Westone Audio. The move will expand Lucid Audio’s innovative family of products by adding Westone Audio’s premium in-ear and custom earphone solutions.

Westone Audio was a pioneer of the custom in-ear monitor market starting back in the 1980s, making its custom and universal earphone solutions a great offering for musicians, audiophiles, and music lovers worldwide.

The sale of Westone Audio will reportedly allow Westone Laboratories to further focus on its core hearing healthcare and hearing protection business. “Throughout this process we were looking for a strategic partner with a significant presence in the music and consumer audio markets. We found that partner in Lucid Audio.” said Earl DeCarli, Interim CEO and Board Chairman at Westone Laboratories. “We are confident Lucid Audio will be an outstanding steward of the Westone Audio legacy and continue to provide category leading products and best-in-class support to the brand’s loyal customers around the globe.”

Westone Audio’s management team and operations will be headquartered at Lucid Audio’s facilities in Fort Worth, Texas.

“We are excited to add the Westone Audio line of universal and custom in-ear monitors to our family of products,” said Lucid Audio General Manager Gary Boyer in a press statement.  “Westone Audio’s tradition of innovation, design excellence and premium sound aligns well with the rich heritage of Lucid Audio and Etymotic Research. The combination of these three brands and their extensive suite of products strengthen Lucid Audio’s position as the leading provider of quality high-performance solutions to music enthusiasts.”

Lucid Audio is a market leader best known for wireless audio devices, personal sound amplification products and hearing protection.  The 2018 acquisition of Etymotic Research® expanded the product family through Etymotic’s 100+ patents covering medical, diagnostic, and professional studio in-ear monitors.

Between both companies, there are “75+ years of combined experience in helping people enjoy their music in ways that are innovative and sets Lucid Audio for the future in high end consumer earphones”.  The company states that the alignment and partnerships that can be found between the combined companies will lead to better products from both Westone Audio and Etymotic with the ability for more people to hear music like they’ve never heard before.  


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