QDC Announces new IEM for less than $250

This universal in-ear monitor hits the right price point to expand the in-ear market.

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This is a new announcement from one of our founding members. Our members are always pushing the boundaries of what is sonically possible for in-ear monitoring.


November 14, 2019

On one hand, we see ever increasing price points at the top-end of the IEM market. It is not uncommon to see new flagship models surpass the $3000 barrier. And on the other hand, we've seen Amazon flooded with $20 balanced armature CIEMS.

So it is refreshing to see growth at the lower-end of the in-ear spectrum from a well-established in-ear manufacturer.  There needs to be movement and development in the $200 range for in-ear monitors to move beyond their core market and to attract new users. But it's a hard spot to play in — it's not the top-end and it's not the bottom. So the value has to be right. It can't canabalize the higher ASP models and yet it has to justify a 10x premium over a KZ branded product.

QDC is uniquely positioned to pull this off. They have been manufacturing in-ear monitors for audiophiles and musicians for nearly 10 years. They have a sophisticated marketing strategy and budget. They are part of the larger Shenzhen Qili Audio Application Co which specializes in professional communication systems and hearing protection and they have their own research and testing facilities. Many first time users will come into the in-ear funnel because of the new QDC Uranus. It is a solid balanced armature / voice coil hybrid.

This is a signal for the entire industry. And it is worth watching. Is there a market for the middle ground? 

Smart money will pay attention to distribution. Will this product become available through dealers worldwide at this price point or will it stay contained in China with outlets thorough Asia? 

Technical specifications

Sensitivity : 100dB SPL/mW

Frequency response :10Hz-20000Hz


Driver units: 1 dynamic and 1 micro balanced armature

Noise isolation: 26dB

Monitor plug: 3.5mm(1/8") connector

Cable color: black GE4C

Technical feature: 2 sound channels, 2 crossover, patented acoustic cavity

Classification: Universal


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