Knowles Corp.

Hugh Knowles invented the micro balanced armature driver, and the company he founded has pioneered BA innovation ever since, first for hearing aids and later for professional & audiophile IEMs, consumer earphones, and hearables. Knowles has over 50 years of experience in BA design and manufacturing. Each Knowles BA driver is individually adjusted and tested at the factory for consistent high performance.



The Hearables Explosion and What It Means for Voice-First
Andrew Bellavia — Director of Market Development for Knowles Corp — recently sat with RedFox AI at The Artificial Podcast to share his expertise on the future of hearables. This is a must-listen for anyone involved with IEMs.
December 18, 2019
Multi-Driver IEM Transducers & Designs
Learn why multiple BA drivers are used in earphones & IEMs and the design considerations that go into creating them.
December 18, 2019


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