In-Ears by Drummers for Drummers || Drumeo Launches Branded Universal In-Ear Monitors for Their Online Drumming Community

Drumeo is the world's largest online drum platform that offers individualized drum lessons for drummers of every skill level. And now they're offering personalized branded in-ear solutions to all their students.

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January 18, 2023

When Zildjian launched their branded in-ears monitors a few years back, that was a turning point for the industry. Those in-ears were purpose-built to capitalize on the Zildjian brand and to be sold within the Zildjian ecosystem — a move first pioneered by Fender with their acquisition of Aurasonics. Neither move proved to be commercially or economically viable although the Zildjian units are still being offloaded (currently at for $117.)

Drumeo's move is entirely different. Drumeo is a marketplace onto itself and they sell direct to their user base. Their main product is a personalized blend of online drum lessons taught by world-class teachers and the world's best drummers but they have slowly been augmenting their offerings with unique and innovative niche drummer-specific products like their wildly impressive QuietKick practice pad.

Drumeo is known for offering tremendous value to their customers and they have earned the trust of drummers around the world. A vast majority of their content is available for free on YouTube — something that their 2.5 Million subs clearly appreciate. So when Drumeo talks, drummers listen. They are a market leader.

The move to offer branded universal in-ears as a practice tool for drummers of ALL skill levels is a huge boon to the entire in-ear industry. Everyone knows that the drummer is always the first band member to embark on the in-ear monitoring journey and being able to cut through the noise and marketing misinformation and to provide a safe and simple starting point for drummers is a win for every in-ear monitor manufacturer. Drumeo's offering simply gets more drummers comfortable using in-ears sooner.

Drumeo's earDRUMS are available directly for only $149.

They are triple drivers — 2 dynamic speakers for the low and mid combined with one balanced armature for the high frequencies — specifically tuned for cymbal work. Like all universal in-ear monitors, they come with a full assortment of ear tips, a wax removal tool and a carrying case.

Watch their launch video here to learn more.


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