Tonal Balance + Dynamics + Sound Image = Yamaha's True Sound Technology

Yamaha's TW-E7B is what happens when a True Wireless earphone manufacturer combines over 100 years of expertise in acoustics and electronics.

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July 8, 2022

Yamaha launches a new flagship true wireless earbud, the TW-E7B. Following on the success of previous headphones and earphones, the TE-E7B combines previous True Sound technology with.advanced Listening Care refinements along with a proprietary active noise cancelation algorithm.

The TE-E7B uses a vented 10mm diaphragm for optimal tuning along with a Listening Optimizer app to ensure best fit and sound quality — solving a challenge that all in-ears face.

Qualcomm's Clear Voice Capture (cVc) signals that the TW-E7B is for much more than simply music and the low-latency Gaming Mode is ideal for full immersion both for games and movies. The Ambient Sound mode blends environmental inputs via the in-ear microphone for enhanced spatial awareness.

And along with the TW-E7B, Yamaha will also launch the TW-ES5A — their first entry into the active true wireless earbuds market (read as earbuds for the gym.) Sonically similar with the same core technologies, the TW-ES5A are rated as IPX7 for maximum environmental protection.


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