JH Audio Announces new 7-Pin Cable Design for Upcoming Icon Series

Jimi — the first new IEM in the rock and roll ICON series — is configured with seven balanced armatures and loaded with all of the newest tech, including JH Audio's latest 7-pin cable design and built-in acoustic sound chamber.

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November 18, 2019

Incorporating a 7 balanced armature design, Jimi boasts dual low, single mid, and quad high balanced armatures to give a smooth bass response adjustable to +12dB, while the 7-pin cable is JH Audio's most premium to date; crafted from high purity OFC 4N silver-plated litz wire which will not oxidize or green.

The German-made 7-pin connector is made from military-grade iridium, designed to create a tight grip at the connection, simultaneously simplifying install and removal. Harsh environments have also been considered: a built in O-ring keeps the connection between the cable and earpiece dry, while the cable itself boasts an improved memory wire around the ear for a more secure fit.

The acoustic sound chamber's 3D printed, recessed tubing system is the first of its kind, keeping sweat at bay and alleviating the need for excessive cleaning, while patented Freqphase technology ensures the correct phase and time alignment of all frequencies, resulting in the most accurate music reproduction.


Frequency response from 10Hz to 23kHz

Input sensitivity of 117dB @1mW

17 ohms impedance

Noise isolation of -26dB.

Jimi Custom IEM starts at $1,699 USD

Optional Purple Haze Signature Design is priced at $1,100 USD.



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