JH Audio & Astell & Kern Launch the Layla Aion IEM

This is the 3rd generation of an industry classic.

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October 9, 2019

Jerry Harvey Audio (JH Audio) has released the third generation version of its Layla Aion in-ear monitors which, in a co-branding exercise, carry the logo of South Korean manufacturer Astell&Kern.

Hand-crafted in Orlando, Florida, each Layla Aion in-ear contains four balanced armature drivers for bass, four balanced armature drivers for midrange and four balanced armature drivers for treble. The bass response is adjustable, with users being able to adjust bass level by up to ±13dB. The layered carbon fibre body incorporates three internal chambers, created from resin using 3D SLA printing technology. Wiring is via silver-plated Litz wire cable.

‘The first Layla launched as a custom earphone in 2014 and instantly became known as the audiophile holy grail,’ said Jesse Ross of Addicted To Audio, which distributes both Astell & Kern and JH Audio in Australia. ‘This newest third generation model is the most exciting yet because it combines Jerry Harvey Audio’s ever-evolving industry-leading manufacturing processes, plus newest patent-pending technologies and designs in such a way that they’re best sounding and most advanced earphones available to date.’

The striking faceplate design of red and black pearloid with the Astell&Kern logo embedded makes the design unmistakeable. Available now, the Layla Aion retails for $5,499 Australian dollars..


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